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Aim: Our aim is to provide loan to both individuals and companies, assist in re-creating and rebuilding bad credit facilities, fund projects at hand and offer personal loans as well to you, your firm/partners and clients. We offer the right solution to your financial needs. We are also known to many as a funding, donation and charity organization who assists both the poor, average and well to do individuals/companies. We give out loan for:



Debt relief

Car Loan

Commercial Loans

Construction Loans

Business Loans

Health Loan


How We Do It:   We are a group of energetic and experienced loan professionals with thorough knowledge of financial markets. We have many partners in real-estate; banking and technology fields that can assist obtain financing and have a network of Investors that are willing to provide funds of whatever amount discreetly to individuals and organizations to start business and operations.


 JOB OPPORTUNITY: We also recruit Agents to assist our companies in receiving payments on our behalf from clients payhng back loans and other services rendered to them.


LOAN RATE: Our loan rate is as low as 2% from the total funds borrowed to you. We are certain we have the best and low interest rate you can ever imagine which makes our company stands out from other lenders and bank.


LOAN DURATION: Our loan duration is a minimum of 6 months (Six Months) and maximum of 10 years (Ten Years).


LOAN AMOUNT: We give out a minimum loan of 5,000 (Five Thousand United States Dollars) and a maximum loan of 150,000,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Million United States Dollars).


PAYMENT METHOD: We have three means of delivering your loan to you all depending on your choice. Find below options for receiving your loan:


Bank Certified Check

Bank to Bank transfer

Online Banking


LOAN PROCESS: Your loan will be processed and issued from your country of origin and this is to avoid paying tax. We have a network of Investors in six different countries that are willing to provide funds of whatever amount discreetly to our clients. We have network in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Africa, Cyprus, Japan, Australia and in the Switzerland.


PROCESSING FEE: Our job is to secure and stand for you as an attesters and referees to our clients issuing out the loan to you. You are required to cover all expense incurred which includes delivery of funds via your choice from any of the option stated above, insurance, handling/processing fee and lastly, loan approval fee.


OUR MOTTO: we believe in customer service and we stay with you until you get the results you want.


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